Highlights of My Yesterday and My Day Before Yesterday

As an exercise in creative writing, I have been trying to each day pick one or two highlights and write about it/them.

Yesterday, I thought the highlight of my day was going to be the salad I had at lunch, because the rest of the day had been so mind numbingly boring by comparison up to that point. I also knew that in the evening, I had chores to do which were not particularly highlight worthy. So I was fully prepared to write about my healthy, tasty lunch salad and write off the rest of the day.

As fate would have it though, I had greatly over exaggerated the impact of said evening chores, the major one of which was moving some furniture in my music room because Deborah is having new windows installed there and in several other locations throughout the house.

When I got home from work, I grilled a quick dinner, comprising a black bean burger, a sirloin hamburger, and a turkey burger. (Author’s note: Grammatically, that is the correct usage of the verb "to comprise," just FYI). The expediency of the meal gave me a solid head start on the furniture moving, which turned out to be less intimidating than anticipated. Access to the window being replaced (today) in my music room was obstructed by my entertainment center, a 12” PA speaker, and one of my acoustic guitars. The latter two items, I relocated to Deborah’s much larger room, and I simply slid the entertainment center out of the way, without even disconnecting the stereo speakers. I also did the same with my music workstation, knocking over a fancy condenser microphone in the process (I hope I didn’t damage it…). A clear path to the window secured, the chore was complete, far ahead of schedule.

“I think I might do some music practice, Baby Cakes,” I told Deborah when I went back downstairs and into the kitchen.

“That’s fine, honey,” she responded.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I am making some dinner,” she said.

“Oh, well I already ate,” I said. “But I’ll sit with you while you eat so you can tell me about your day.”

“Cool,” she said. “Oh, FYI…it’s garbage night tonight.”

Crud Buckets, I thought to myself, making a mental note to take the cans to the curb before going to bed. Another chore!

By the time Deborah finished eating, we had both totally spaced taking the garbage out. Luckily, we had to get up butt early this morning in anticipation of the arrival of the window installation team, so I left for work considerably earlier than usual. I was reminded it was garbage day as I rolled my cruiser bike out of the garage about 8 AM and saw the neighbors’ cans on the curb, ineffectually arranged, I might add. I went back into the house and pulled the full bag of recycling out of its can in the kitchen, letting Deborah put a new fresh bag in as I hustled to get the cans out to the curb and fix the neighbors' messy sprawl ahead of the arrival of garbage men.

But I get ahead of myself.

Back to last night’s highlight… After Deborah finished eating and telling me about her day, I retired to my music room and, notwithstanding the awkward repositioning of my workstation to accommodate the anticipated window team, was able to do over 90 minutes of practice on my solo acoustic guitar and vocal numbers. If you have been following the blog, you may know I have a couple of gigs coming up in late Rocktober. On Sunday the 25th, I play a set at the Cardinal Bar in Madison for the Art Nest event there, starting around 4:20 PM. It’s basically an indoor art fair with music and performing arts. Great time. The following Thursday, Rocktober 29, I am at the Bos Meadery in Madison to play a happy hour show starting at 6 PM. Stop down after work. I play for two hours, but happy hour ends at 7 PM, so if you come, come early. Bos makes mead, a honey based alcoholic beverage that is like a fruity cross between beer and wine. If you want to know more about it, you’ll have to attend. They’ll give you a tour and tasting for free! My music is pretty good, but it is really good under the influence of mead. That's been clinically proven.*

So the music practicing ended up being the actual main highlight of my day. I also read some of a book before bed that Deborah had shared with me on her Nook, Stephen King's 2012 novel "11/22/63." I am only a little ways into it, but so far it is a great read. It involves time travel and a plot to prevent the assassination of JFK. I think I like Stephen King's sci fi work even better than his horror stuff. I haven't read much by him in a while. I thought this book was old, but I guess it came out in 2012. Anyway, I digress. Again.

The highlight of my day before yesterday, which was Tuesday, was going to see the film “The Martian,” which was pretty good. Notwithstanding the bending of a few Laws of Physics, the science was relatively sound and the plot believable. The main thing that struck me besides the adventure action was how much computer power can now be applied to space travel as compared with the early years of NASA’s space program in the 60s and 70s. Advances in engineering and materials technology also allow humans to do things in space that were unthinkable even a few years ago. I feel optimistic that humans could colonize Mars in the next 100 years, or maybe sooner. The main limitation seems to be lack of political will, something that was also nicely touched on in the film, without overdoing it.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cactus Joe's music is not a substitute for the administration of food and drugs.

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