I Like This Shirt I am Wearing

I am going to wear the shirt I wore to work today to my show tonight.

I am not the kind of person who associates items of clothing with the bad mojo of the environment in which they are worn.

My “work shirt” is not a bad shirt just because it accompanied me to work.

It’s a good looking shirt no matter where I wear it. It’s kind of a maroon color, I think. I am color blind, so it is hard to tell, but the color is pleasing to mine eye, casting a rich and dark hue into the back of my retina.

It’s also newly dry cleaned and pressed, so it looks sharp. Provided I don’t spill food or drink on it beforehand, it will make a great shirt for my classy show tonight playing solo acoustic songs at the Bos Meadery in Madison (6-8 PM).

However, I am going to change my pants for a couple of reasons. These pants are slacks that pretty much only work in the work environment, but not in the rock environment. I’d wear them to band practice, because that doesn’t matter. But not to a show.

They are classy pants, don’t get me wrong. They are comfortable and have a nice cut. They just aren’t rock-n-roll pants.

But this shirt is a rock-n-roll shirt. I have worn it to my punk rock shows with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, although that’s a different animal entirely, since all the members of EAD “suit up” for shows, regardless of the nature of the venue.

Also, I have been wearing these pants to work every day for almost a month. That’s a hard thing to admit publicly, but it’s true. Another redeeming feature of these pants is their resistance to “road stank,” a phrase I use to describe the build up of bodily humors that certain items of clothing take on when worn too long, such as bicycle jerseys, which acquire the stank quite readily, within minutes sometimes when riding conditions are warm and moist (there it is…). The "road stank" moniker actually derives from the many road bike rides I have done in my day.

So I will change into some nice black jeans before I head to the show tonight. I’ll compliment these with some slick black loafers that my GF got me a couple months ago. They are lightweight and more comfy than the slippers I have traditionally worn to shows like this in the past.

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