Tonight, we rock.

I'll be MC-ing the live jam stage at Funk's Pub, performing solo acoustic numbers between sets.

I'll also perform with one or more groups. Stefan of GUPPY EFFECT, newly married, will be there and we will likely play a few numbers.

There will be a live stream of the thing at http://ustream.tv/channel/cactus-joe-productions.

Last night I DJ-ed at Stefan's wedding. I double teamed it with Wendy of SUNSPOT. It was my first time DJ-ing and it was pretty fun. I simply emulated the kinds of things I have heard other DJs say and do and it was fine. I did the same thing when Deborah and I did our bit parts in the horror flick the other day. I recalled all the low budget slasher flicks I have seen and played it the same way.

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