Keeping an Eye Out for Foster

Dear Friends...

Sad news...Foster is going to lose his left eye as a result of a prolapsed lens and subsequent blinding glaucoma, which is causing him a lot of pain and low quality of life. The pain is being managed by meds right now, but the eye needs to be surgically removed ASAP. Can you help with a small donation? As little as $1 would be helpful. Click below for more details.

The genetics of Boston terriers being what it is, eye troubles are commonplace. Their lenses pop out as a result of weak ligaments in the eye. The lens can eventually block the flow of ocular fluid, causing glaucoma. Sometimes the dog outlives this consequence, but unfortunately Foster has not.

On Sunday morning, Foster was trembling and didn't want to get up or eat or do anything. He was squinting his left eye pretty severely and Deborah and I could see that the lens had popped forward through the iris into the cornea. This has happened before without causing excessive eye pressure, so we gave it some time to see if it resolved on its own. However, by the afternoon, he was still not feeling well, so we went to the UW Emergency Veterinarian to have his eye checked out.

Bad news. The pressure in his left eye was extremely high (aka acute glaucoma), resulting in his suffering (think of the worst headache you ever had and multiply by 10 million).

Fosters pain is being managed with drugs right now and we are giving him atropine to dilate the iris, in hopes the lens will fall back into the eye, perhaps relieving the pressure temporarily.

However, the retina in that left eye is most likely dead now, because of the high ocular pressure, so the only long term solution is surgery and removal of the eye.

It's a fairly straightforward surgery (although the vet described it as "bloody" because there are a lot of blood vessels servicing the eye), though the recovery might be rough as Foster adapts to monocular vision. The surgeon will put a "glass eye" in the empty eye socket so that it doesn't look too weird, but the eyelids will be sewn together (very Halloween appropriate...), giving Foster a permanent "wink." He'll recover in a couple weeks and then we'll get him used to being half blind. Foster is already pretty blind, so this shouldn't be too troubling.

Anyway, if you are feeling charitable and want to help Foster out with this necessary surgery, please do. He will love you and it's just good karma.

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