Kicking Off Rocktober With a (Fake) Double Murder

Happy Rocktober.

Most people view this particular month as all just a preamble for Halloween on Rocktober 31. Yes, I am going to keep annoyingly calling it Rocktober, so there!

(Side Note: Anyone know why Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in September? Me neither…)

This morning, Deborah and I kicked off Rocktober in style by being double murder victims in a low budget “slasher” horror film. Last fall, I had been an unpaid “extra” in a different low budget horror flick, called “Hag,” produced by a film crew called Screaming Like Banshees, headed up by writer/director Rob Michels. That’s how I found out about the casting call for this yet unnamed flick. They wanted some additional actors to film a few scenes to increase the film’s “body count,” as Rob put it.

I was surprised when Deborah agreed to join me in this endeavor. She has expressed a certain luke warmness to horror movies and Halloween, but I was overjoyed when she said it sounded fun and agreed. We met Rob and his crew of two at Barriques in Middleton and then they followed us over to the Pheasant Branch nature area for filming. They had us cast as a couple of campers. As our characters, we sat in front of a prop tent and had a little conversation, then decided to go on a walk, not aware of a mass murderer wandering in the woods. We found a secluded woodsy spot where the rest of the action was captured. Basically, my character pretended to almost ask Deborah’s character to get married (don’t worry…it was FICTIONAL!), but just as I get down on one knee to ask…well, I can’t tell you any more, because that would ruin the surprise.

Suffice to say, the fake blood was made from diluted cherry cake mix and I tasted a lot of it this morning. It was very realistic and even felt sticky when it dried. We had to do laundry when we got home (we had worn old clothes we did not care about getting messy).

Deborah said she had a fantastic time and even started to warm up to the whole Halloween thing (now we know how fake blood is made!). We even made $50 for our acting, which was unexpected and cool. Rob said we did a great job and he had a lot of stuff filmed he could use.

Before we headed out to get killed this morning, I also ordered Deborah and I a pair of tickets to the first annual Madtown Horror Film Fest on Rocktober 24-25, having acquired a discount code for online ordering (it's Early15, FYI). So that’s in the works. I am going to attempt a horror movie challenge of watching one horror movie per day for the whole month of Rocktober. I am almost certain to fail at this, due to other commitments and responsibilities. But maybe if I miss a day or two, I can double up on other days.

There was no Oshkosh Horror Film Fest this year, so the Madtown one could not have come along at a better time.

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