Sometimes I Think of a Good Title

This was not one of those times.

I had a nice talk with Deborah on the back porch tonight. It is getting chilly in the evenings now that it's fall. I had on my fleece lined red hoody but I still got chilly legs because I was wearing shorts and slippers with no socks.

Someone looked at my house that is for sale today. No offers yet. Madison is a dumb town when it comes to housing. Super dumb.

People at work today were talking about the new water bottle filler that was installed on the water fountain a few weeks back. One woman was complimenting how cold the water was and how she should dump her "warm" (room temperature) water and get some chilled water. I still don't get how people can drink ice cold water when it's not a hot summer day. Water is not like beer. You can drink water warm - there is no effect on taste. Cold water will cool your core temperature and make you feel cold.

I hate feeling cold. When I fill my water bottle from the dispenser, I always give it a minute or two in the microwave. I want to be warmed by water. I am a warmth lover. That's why I am going to Florida and taking a Caribbean cruise for two weeks in February. To heck with cold.

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