Steak Randomness

I had a steak for lunch. Why does this matter? It doesn’t, at least not for the purposes of this post, which is simply to free write about things at random. That was pretty random wasn’t it? It all started last night when I got home from work and decided I wanted to make a Thai coconut curry for dinner. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. In truth, it all started last Sunday when I scored a container of cubed butternut squash at Costco and it reminded me of a squash curry I had at a Thai restaurant, what would have been several years ago now, I guess. But my intent was made manifest when I got home from work last night with a hunger in my belly and some time on my hands. I needed some coconut milk though.

“I am going to walk down to Copps and get some coconut milk, so I can make Thai curry for dinner tonight,” I told Deborah, who was just finishing a late lunch of salad and fish by the time I got home from work. “I’m guessing you probably won’t eat it, since you will have already eaten.”

“Could you do me a favor?” Deborah asked, by way of reply. “Could you buy me some more of the Greek yogurt? Not the Chobani…the other kind. And can you get the caramel mocchiato flavor? Oh, and I also need some more Veggie Wash. It’s in the cleaning supplies section.”

“Sure,” I confirmed.

“If it’s no trouble, could you also get a cucumber?” 

I said I could.

Walking the couple of blocks to Copps, I thought about diet and nutrition. I am on a bit of a fitness kick right now (hence the walking, not driving to the store), trying to eat healthier and avoid beer, to lose a few pounds. I wasn’t going to buy a steak, but the New York strips looked really good as I walked past the meat section from the produce section (a cucumber and some waffle cut carrots) to the dairy aisle (yogurt and Colby cheese), by way of the ethnic foods aisle (coconut milk and red bean paste). One should never go to the grocery store when hungry. I knew this. My mistake.

Anyway, I returned home and made the curry, which was good, and which Deborah did in fact eat some of. I did not eat the steak. I saved that and grilled it outside today when I biked (fitness again) home for lunch. It was a beautiful day for steak grilling, though it reminded me I need to clean the grill. It’s so filthy that the heating elements catch on fire while I am cooking things on it.

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