Sunday Was A Fun Day

Sunday marked the final day of a successful fortnight of fitness. In the interest of losing weight, I had abstained from beer (and alcohol in general). I didn't consciously change any other lifestyle habits, but I may have subconsciously exercised a little bit more, walking the 5k round trip to work a few times, for example. My diet was largely unchanged. I generally eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, low in grains and refined carbs, but I am not a nazi about it. I know for a fact that I ate three small Almond Joy candy bars during the fortnight fitness challenge. I also ate more cereal than usual, because Copps grocery store had a sale on large boxes of Cheerios (four for $10). But I kept the bowls small and only ate one serving, usually with a generous amount of fruit and non-caloric Stevia sweetener added.

In any case, my weight dropped from 231 pounds to 227 pounds as of the Monday morning after the conclusion of the challenge on Sunday. It might have been more of a weight loss had I not celebrated my successful challenge completion on Sunday evening with a calf stomach sized calzone from Glass Nickel Pizza and two glasses of red wine at the Funks Pub open jam (I intended to only drink one but accidentally drank part of my buddy Phil's glass and bought him a new glass when I discovered this...and it would have been a shame to waste the remaining wine in his first glass, am I right?).
I am in my second fortnight of beer abstinence now. This morning (Tuesday), I weighed in at 226.

The moral of the story is you can pretty much do anything for two weeks...diet, quit smoking, exercise. It's just two weeks. After the two weeks is up, you can go back to your old ways. But if you're successful, it almost feels wrong to undo all that effort and the positive results. So then you set a new two week challenge, modifying the old one as needed. At the end, reward yourself briefly, but then commit to the next phase of the challenge and be brutally honest with yourself. It is not just for your benefit. Fitness is contagious. My GF Deborah has even been stricter about her nutrition (which says a lot because she has always been admirably diligent about good nutrition) as a result of seeing me do it and observing my desired results.



Deborah Montgomery said...

I think I've been strict about my diet for a few years now.

vergedrums said...

Great work! Keep it up, and the results will start to accelerate!