Weekend Preamble

I have a busy weekend ahead. I’ll be a groomsman in my buddy Stefan’s wedding for most of the day Saturday. That means tonight after work is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Sunday, I guess I am supposed to attend the gift opening, by convention. I was not aware of this, since it is my first wedding as an actual participant, but I don’t think it is supposed to cut into my usual Sunday music practice too much. I have to prep a couple of songs for this Sunday night’s jam at Funks Pub and work on some solo acoustic material as well. I should be able to do a bit of practice tonight, after the rehearsal dinner, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I am also behind on my writing class homework and some online courses I signed up for. I am going to go watch online lectures now for a spell. Then I will feel better about accomplishing something this weekend.

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