Weekend Preamble

As of today, all of the plot lines of all of the Back to the Future movies took place IN THE PAST. I am disappointed that no one had the foresight to release a BttF IV yesterday. Weak.

Most of the weekend ahead consists of attending the Madtown Horror Film Fest. However, I have a solo acoustic gig on Sunday evening at the Cardinal Bar in Madison.

Saturday and Sunday mornings will be focused on rehearsing for the gig a bit. Deborah and I are also constructing a duo Halloween costume. We don't need it this weekend, but the paint needs time to dry. Intrigued?

Tonight, Deborah and I are having dinner with her parents, since they are migrating south to Florida for the winter this weekend and won't be back until the spring (although we will likely cross paths with the snowbirds when we go to Florida in early February to escape the ridiculous Wisconsin winter...our own mini snowbirding). After that we are heading downtown for a Back to the Future themed rock-n-roll show.


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