A Couple Jams

Tonight, I rock with Phil and two members of the ex band, 5 Minute Rule. We are conceptualizing and defining a new cover band and its direction, respectively.

Tomorrow night, I am auditioning on bass for a different cover band, called Amped 11, who are seeking a bass player. I have no idea how that will pan out. I am certain I can handle the material. My only worry is that it may not be challenging enough. Still and all, if it garners paid gigs, my metric will have been met.

I don't care that much for playing in cover bands. I much prefer playing my own and other peoples' rocking original music. But, for better or worse, the money is in covers. I want to play more gigs, but I am staying selective in what kinds of gigs. I am done with supplying my own sound for a band. The venue must supply it or hire it out, or pay me to hire it out. There's a minimum standard of professionalism I have to maintain.

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