Another Funday Night

I arrived at the Funks Jam about 7:30 PM last night, to set up for the live stream. It was pretty desolate when I walked into Funks Pub, but over the course of the night, it picked up.

Rita Witter and her son Jake were there. It was Rita's birthday and she had asked me to bring a guitar amp of hers that I had to Funks so she could use it for something or other. Jake and I went out to my car and transferred the amp from mine to his.

I set up the live stream and chilled a bit before the music started, sipping on a Fantasy Factory IPA from Karben4 Brewing. I call it the "grapefruit beer" because it has a fairly strong grapefruity taste to it. It's one of my favorite beers.

After MUDROOM played their opening set, I rocked a tight set with Phil and MG (MG's HENCHMEN, an impromptu band incarnated from the jam), covering some THE WHO and some KISS, etc. Phil insisted on playing "What I Got," by SUBLIME, which just about everyone agrees is not SUBLIME's best work. Its two chords do not make for interesting bass playing, which is my main gripe about the song. But we did it anyway.

While the Henchies were performing, some musicians arrived who were new to the jam, and they signed up to perform after us. They were quite good, though I did not catch their name.

A series of mix-n-match jams followed that with various musicians, old and new, jumping on and off the stage. After the noodling had exhausted itself, Tyler of MUDROOM invited me back on stage to play bass on a few more tunes, including "Peaches en Regalia" by Frank Zappa and "Moonage Daydream" by David Bowie. My singing on the latter song was superior, if I do say so myself. You can have a listen at 16:15 in the music video below (from the live stream). My mom will say I am singing too high above the range at which my voice sounds best, and she'd be right. But it's still pretty good, and I am working on having the other musicians transpose it down a whole step, which will make it sound like perfection. At least the vocals are loud enough to cut through the music.

Because of all the noobs at the jam, the music went well past the usual cutoff time of 11 PM. It's a great problem to have, and the noobs brought friends with them too, which the venue likes. I stuck around until midnight on loose promises from Tyler of getting paid for my efforts, but when the ATM machine did not cooperate with him, he gave me even looser promises of settling up in the future and I bid him farewell for the 20 or so minute drive home.

I participate in the Funks Pub open jam mainly for fun and experience playing live, whilst improving my skills learning music and improvising with others. It's like free rock--n-roll lessons and totally pays for itself in VALUE. But if I can get a few bones thrown my way for gas money, my accountant frowns upon me a little bit less...

Sunday should be renamed FUNDAY.

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vergedrums said...

Great post! The band that played last night was called "Bird's Eye View". They play around town. They were quite good; very fun!