I am getting mixed messages on the nature of this winter storm we are supposed to get in Wisconsin this weekend.

Weather maps show most of the significant snowfall well south of Madison (sorry Illinois). 

But the meteorologists are saying they are still unsure of which direction the storm will track. 

The hourly forecast on Weather Bug shows chance of precipitation below 50% for most of the time the warning is in effect, and down to 0% at times, at least in Madison. 

I’m going to wishfully believe that Madison will get a slight bit of snow, but no more than 3 inches, and that it will melt fairly expediently, since temperatures will be in the low 30s. 

But I am fully prepared to get socked with a foot of snow too. 

Other than going to SUNSPOT at the Club Tavern tonight, I have no plans for the weekend that are not somewhat flexible. Deborah and I were going to do some Thanksgiving grocery shopping on Saturday, and with the grocery store a block away, only the most ferocious of blizzards would prevent that. We can always do that on Sunday too, my preference even if snow is light on Saturday, because EFF SNOW. 

I am very happy though that I have an accepted offer on the sale of my house and won’t have to shovel snow there past the closing date of December 29. YAY!

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