Date Night at the Cafe Hollander

I took Deborah out for date night tonight and let her pick the locaysh.

"Ooh...I wonder if Cafe Hollander is open yet," she said, pulling out her smart phone. She tapped on the screen of this strange device for a couple seconds. "It is!" she cried. "Let's go there."

"OK," I responded. "Can you use that thingumabob of yours to call them and see if we need a reservation?"

I was pretending in my mind that I had been transported to the year 2015 from the 1960s, in part because of a Stephen King novel I am reading that takes place in the early 60s.

She called and we did not need a rez.

The restaurant was in the Hilldale shopping center, at University Ave and Midvale Blvd.

After we got our table and ordered a couple red wines, the waitress told us they had only been open a week.

We got veggies and hummus as an appetizer. Delish. For main courses, Deborah and I both ordered egg dishes (under the "Eggs All Day" section of the menu). Hers was a cheesy omelette with red potatoes. I had a quinoa and vegetable medley with a spicy red sauce, topped with two fried eggs. I ordered a Kwak beer with dinner. It was a Belgian wit served in an oddly shaped mug with a wooden stand that served as a handle. Cafe Hollander has an impressive beer selection, on par with the Hop Cat downtown.

While not cheap, it was a reasonable meal given the massive portions. The atmosphere was pleasant, if a bit noisy. The staff was quite hospitable. When Deborah did not like the Pinot Noir she had ordered, they replaced it with a different wine, the Cabernet Franc I had.

Overall I dig the Cafe Hollander. They are off to a good start. While we did not have to wait for our table, the place seemed very busy and hopping.

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