Down Two More Pounds

I wish I could tell you exactly why I am shedding pounds like gangbusters, but I can't. I can only give you possible reasons. Any or all of the following could be contributing factors:

1. Not drinking beer/wine. I have not totally given up drinking beer/wine, because I like it, but I have definitely cut it back by 80% or more. I only have a beer/wine or two on special occasions now. Special occasions include attending band practices and performing music shows of any kind (including Funks Pub Sunday open jam). My usual limit is two drinks (the CDC's recommended healthy daily intake for men), and never more than three. I try to have no more than one drink per hour too. I have tons more energy lately, which I attribute to less brain cell attrition and attenuation from alcohol, and this may be burning additional calories as well. On an unrelated note, I am also saving tons of money not buying beer or paying exorbitant drink prices at bars (I usually drink free at music events).

2. Green coffee bean extract (GCBE). The chlorogenic acid in GCBE is touted as being thermogenic on metabolism (burns calories). As you know from prior posts here and on my CJ Scientific health and nutrition blog, I discovered some GCBE in my GF's nutritional supplement drawer and have made myself a guinea pig in assessing its benefits (possible) and risks (none detected). This is a very unscientific case study because of confounding factors, including #1 above and #3 and #4 below.

3. Power walking a 5k thrice weekly. Now that I live 1.6 miles from work, I can walk there quite often, and I do pretty much whenever weather and daily responsibilities permit. It's a 5k round trip and sometimes I do it more than once a day. This has also allowed me to cut back on driving my car in Madison WI, which has the worst drivers I have ever seen anywhere. So my stress levels are at all time lows.

4. Eating better. Another consequence of moving in with my awesome GF is that I eat more healthy food and less junk. She is very nutrition conscious, so not only do we not keep junk food in the house, but whenever temptation to eat junk (or drink beer) rears its head, Deborah keeps me honest. I keep her honest too. We have a pact. We also grocery shop together most of the time, where we adhere to the "honesty is the best policy" philosophy. Cheese is still a big risk factor for me. When it is around, I eat it. Period. So we don't buy it very often. It does not help that the Carr Cheese shoppe is a half mile from home.

All of these things may be contributing factors in my weight loss lately. It must be noted that I have been doing #1, #3, and #4 for some time with no significant change in weight after an initial five pound drop. It was only after adding GCBE to the retinue that the pounds really started sloughing off. Still not scientific enough to draw any firm conclusions, but strong circumstantial evidence.

There could be other unknown factors too. I might have a tapeworm or an as yet undetectable cancer. However, that's highly doubtful given my awesome lifestyle. Still possible though.

Anyway, I was two pounds lighter this morning than I was yesterday morning. A good day to you.

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