I don't even have a topic for this post. But you know the drill. It's all about the daily DOING, even when the muse is taking her Thanksgiving holiday a little early, the slacker.

The purpose of this blog is the mechanics of daily freewriting to improve my skill as a writer overall. So it is really important to put finger to touchscreen (the new pen to paper) every day, even if it feels like squeezing blood from a stone.

Actually, this isn't too bad. I am a full two paragraphs in, with a third on the way, and unbelievably you're still reading (Ha! I win!).

Boring day at work, huh? Or do you just have the Holiday Head? I do. That's where your brain is anticipating a holiday so damn hard that it is useless for much else, including coming up with viable topics for a daily blog post (my albatross).

Instead, I'll just take this Thanksgiving Eve free write as an opportunity to share with you the topics of some of my recent and much more coherent posts:

How to Make Fruit Yogurt at Home: I wrote this on my CJ Scientific Communication Health and Nutrition blog after mixing up a concoction of unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, and a packet of Stevia sweetener last night, creating my own "fruit on the bottom" yogurt on the cheap and healthier for me (low calorie, no added sugar).

Green Coffee Bean Extract: This was also posted on the aforementioned health and nutrition blog. GCBE has been touted for weight loss (due to its high chlorogenic acid content) and this is supported by the unscientific case study I ran on myself. Placebo effect? Could be, but I lost five pounds.

Mini House Concert: On Monday, I took the day off from work and, among other things, recorded a 15 minute mini-house concert, live streamed all over the Intarwebz. It was actually closer to 19 minutes and I also recorded an additional encore song in a second video. It was a lot of fun and somehow I didn't make too many biffs.

That'll do for this lackluster Thanksgiving Eve post. Have a good holiday.

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