Feeling Down About Stuff

Open enrollment for health insurance has started and it's a real downer. The premium for health insurance through my employer is going up 4x and then some, with less good coverage, AND they are changing insurance providers to boot, so I will probably have to find a new primary care doctor. Depressing.

The new employer provided health insurance gold plan is still cheaper than the cheapest bronze Obamacare plan, but the only difference between my employer's gold, silver, and bronze plans is on the deductible. All the plans have a 20% copay in network rather than a flat fee ($25 per visit on my current 2015 plan, which was great!) after you first hit the deductible paying full price, up to the out of pocket max. Obamacare is no longer "affordable" health care.

I really hope Bernie Sanders wins the primary election and the Presidency, and moves us toward a single payer health care system like every other modernized country in the world. But when I look at the political landscape, I get even more depressed about my situation and that of the American middle class. It is virtually impossible for anyone to get ahead, unless you are a billionaire. At least I am not in debt though.

Open enrollment season brings me down. Way way down.

On the bright side, I was able to power walk the 3 mile round trip to work today without getting rained on, burning a few hundred calories in so doing. I skipped breakfast but had a veggie wrap with turkey and grilled veggies from Funks Pub (takeout) for lunch and some stir fry with tofu for dinner. Generally a good day other that the health insurance bummer.

I have a couple people possibly interested in buying my house. Cross your fingers. That's one albatross I will be glad to see gone.

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