Giving Thanks

I have a lot to be thankful for. I like to spread my appreciation for all these things out over the entire year, not just cram it all into one food and drink engorged afternoon with friends and family in late November. But I am the odd man out on that, so I will be a grudging participant in the massive turkey holocaust this coming Thursday.

The fates have conspired against me and I am now a reluctant co-host of Thanksgiving festivities. Deborah and I were not originally supposed to host the Thanksgiving dinner but a perfect storm of horse manure has placed us in the hot seat. I am not a naturally social person (I have to work at it) and my introversion leads to high anxiety when I need to host social events. I'd be lying if I said my belly is not so full of dread right now that there is barely any room for pumpkin pie and turkey flesh. I will get through it though. In reality, my social anxiety is inflated and it should be far less taxing on my nerves than I envision it will be (*crosses fingers hopefully!*).

I am trying hard to adhere to the philosophy of my own chosen religion, Dudeism, and "abide." It is not easy. But some new facts have come to light, man. So, like...whatever.

I will make the best of it, but I need a beverage, badly.

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