Green Coffee Bean Extract's Confounding Effects on My Weight...

A few days ago, I discovered a bottle of green coffee bean extract (GCBE) pills in my GF's vitamin supplement drawer. It turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, she has three or four more bottles of the putative weight loss supplement (Life Extension brand) squirreled away.

Yes, green coffee bean extract is touted for weight loss, most publicly by the TV quack, Dr. Oz. It's also possibly used as a metabolic energy booster, but I cannot confirm that. My energy boosting herbal supplement of choice is Rhodiola rosea.

I started taking one or two of my GF's GCBE pills per day a few days ago, and interestingly, I did lose weight, dropping as much as three pounds without changing my diet or exercise habits. Last night was date night and I took my GF Deborah to a fancy new restaurant in Madison WI where I had two drinks (a glass of red wine and a craft beer) and ate a phenomenal amount (even for me) of delicious food. Deborah could not finish her cheesy omelette, so I also ate about half of her food (mostly the side of red potatoes) on top of my fried eggs and sauteed veggies over quinoa dish and an appetizer of hummus veggies with pita wedges that we shared.

I fully expected to be a couple pounds heavier this morning just from the sheer volume of matter making its way through my digestive tract. But the Laws of Physics were defied. When I got on the scale this morning, my weight was unchanged. UNCHANGED!

Granted, I didn't lose any weight either. But still, I am beginning to think this green coffee bean extract actually works for weight loss. I still need to do more testing to confirm, but stay tuned.

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