“I want to take you out somewhere nice to eat tonight,” I told Deborah on Friday evening after we got home from work. She agreed.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked.

She thought for a few seconds. “How about Imperial Gardens?”

“Yes, Chinese sounds good,” I concurred. “We can go grocery shopping after that.”

It was a fun outing. We shared a plate of fried potstickers and chose some good dishes off the menu (lamb for me, chicken for Deborah).

“I am glad we are going grocery shopping on full bellies,” I said at dinner.

“I was just thinking about that,” Deborah responded. That happens a lot with us. We think alike.

“Less chance for impulse buying,” I added.

We hit the Copps grocery store on the way home from the restaurant and got what we needed, with minimal impulsive purchases.

We spent most of Friday night watching TV and chilling out. We got a fairly early night.

On Saturday, I planned to practice music for four straight hours, between 10 AM and 2 PM, in anticipation of the Halloween Party Jam at Funks Pub that night, in which I'd be participating. In addition to performing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” which I was already quite familiar with, the organizer of the show, Tyler, wanted me to learn a few additional songs, since the usual house bass player wasn’t going to be able to make it.

I got up about 8 AM on Saturday so as to have a leisurely couple of hours before sequestering myself in my music room for the marathon practice session. I made coffee and some breakfast and chilled with Deborah.

At some point, Deborah hit on the idea to get massages that afternoon.

“That would be nice,” I said. “But I can’t really afford a massage right now.” My dog Foster’s recent vet bills, a car and a mortgage payment, and a few other significant leaks in the bank account had depleted my luxury spending reserves. However, Deborah offered to treat, so I agreed.

Deborah scheduled massages for us at a place called Bergamot. Hers was at 2 PM and mine was after hers at 3:30 PM. This was fortuitous, as it granted me an additional hour of practice time, which I used to record guitar, bass, and vocal tracks for my song, “A Fallin’ of the Rain.” I am working on a demo of that song. Once I get my parts finalized (the vocal track was just a scratch track until I can lay down a better one), I will send the song to my guitarist Stefan and my drummer Jon to track lead guitar and drums, respectively. They are also working on another tune I recorded a couple weeks ago, called “Pied Piper’s Tune.”

After I got home from my massage, I made us dinner and then set about finishing our elaborate duo Halloween costume (that's a picture of it in the upper right of this post). Deborah is not a fan of Halloween, so there were a few stressful moments as I tried to fit her with head gear for the costume to complete the ensemble.

We headed over to a Halloween social at my friend Sherry’s new house about 7 PM. I had to get over to Funks Pub no later than 9:30 for the show, so we went to Sherry’s a little early (her party officially started at 8 PM, but she said it was no problem to come early). Sherry had made a delicious white chili and there were ample sweets. I had one of Sherry’s brownies. She is an awesome baker, and it is very hard to resist her creations. Her “blondies” (chocolate chip cookie brownies) are to die for, and I probably would die from them if I ate them too much. Luckily, she had not made those for this party.

We left Sherry’s about 8:45 and made our way over to Funks Pub. When we arrived, the opening band, a White Stripes emulation, was just wrapping up. I set up my laptop computer, microphone, and HD camera next to the sound board as they got off the stage, so I could capture audio/video and life stream the subsequent performances.

It was a fun show, with a decent turnout. The Pink Floyd set was right after the opening band and this was followed by a vocal performance by Tyler’s wife, Amanda, with backing by available musicians. She did an Adele song called “I’ll be Waiting” and “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin. After that, we did a set of Phish songs, including some of the new ones Tyler had asked me to learn that afternoon, which I had. It went fairly smoothly.

The final act involved a guest guitar player, a friend of Tyler’s who was visiting from Des Moines IA. Unbeknownst to me, I had to play bass for this set as well. Luckily the songs were mostly all fairly easy and sung by Tyler and this visiting fellow. However, I was called upon to sing Warren Zevon’s appropos “Werewolves of London,” which I had sung before but not for a long time. I had not rehearsed it. I thought for sure I would forget lyrics, but somehow I managed to recall 95% of them, with some minor edits (“I saw Dick Cheney walking with the Queen…).

Tyler and Amanda were dressed up as Star Wars characters. Since Deborah’s and my Halloween costume didn’t really work individually, I just donned a wig and some sunglasses from my stage props box to wear on stage, switching head gear between sets.

The night went pretty smoothly, notwithstanding my guitarist buddy Phil getting ridiculously hammered and the audio of the live stream cutting out about ¾ of the way through the night (I did not discover this until the next day when I uploaded the videos to Youtube). So we lost audio for about half of the Phish set and all of the set by the visiting Iowan. Not that big of a deal.

Sunday was November 1, the first day of National Novel Writing Month, which I am trying very hard to participate in and complete this year. I had planned to put in a few hours on writing in the early afternoon, but Deborah had to go to the Urgent Care for some acute idiopathic hip pain that came on all of a sudden and that took a bite out of the day. I managed to get a little bit of writing done in the evening, trying to hash out the backstory on the sci fi novel that is the focus of my NanoWriMo 2015.

We rounded out Sunday watching a new episode of The Walking Dead, and only got about half way through it before Deborah started falling asleep, so we paused it to watch later. She fell asleep and I read a little bit of my Stephen King novel on Nook until I got drowsy as well.

All told, a fun filled weekend. Now I have excessive amounts of Halloween candy that I must pawn off on coworkers so their waste lines grow and mine does not.

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