I am going home about 12:30 PM today so as to meet Mary, the housekeeper, and let her in to clean. It will be her first time cleaning Deborah's house. She used to clean my house in Cambridge when I lived there and also the Madison house I am currently trying to sell.

Hiring out housekeeping is a big stress reliever for me. I neither have the time nor inclination for cleaning house. The return on investment from hiring Mary is infinite. By the numbers, priceless (infinity) divided by the cost in dollars equals priceless (infinity).

While Mary is cleaning, I wilst probably return to work, thereby generating guaranteed income, although I may turn on the Uber Partner app and see what comes of it. Being a bad weather day, demand for ride shares could be high.

Tonight, Deborah and I have date night. If we go to Pizzeria Uno, I believe I will earn a pantload of credit card points, according to some sort of promotional thing my bank sent me. We have to each order one of their 2 for $12 menu items to get the deal. Hopefully I can persuade Deborah to indulge. We can always take leftovers home. Honey Badger don't give a sh!t. $24 bucks or so plus tax is a very economical date night. I am still in financial recovery from the un-lubricated anal penetration caused by Foster's eye surgery last month. Things have finally settled down. After we get home from the fine dining, I believe we have some TV shows to catch up on, including American Horror Story (we are almost through Season 5 - Hotel).

Speaking of TV shows, I have been enjoying Ash vs Evil Dead, the most recent installment of the Evil Dead franchise. It's just as campy as I'd hoped, and the musical soundtrack is rich in old school prog rock classics by the likes of Deep Purple, ELP, and the Amboy Dukes, one of Ted Nugent's early bands, before he went all right wing nutbar, and best known for the edgy psychedelic hit, "Journey to the Center of the Mind," which I fully plan to learn on bass/vocals and encourage my musical comrades to join me in said endeavor, so we can perform it live at some point).

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