How Can I Make the World a Little Better and Happier This Holiday Season?

I am a musician and a writer. At least that’s how I identify myself when people ask me what I do for fulfillment in life.

Music and writing don’t pay a lot. That’s a huge understatement.

But I LOVE doing them. They are my passion and I am compelled to write stories and songs and share them with you. You might even say I am powerless against the drive to create.

So what’s a starving artist to do?*

What if you could passively support my art with nothing more than a single click of your mouse?

There is a thing and most of you have probably heard of it by now.

To wit, this blog is loosely affiliated with Amazon. If my blog posts send a little traffic Amazon’s way, they throw me a few pennies (literally, but if there is a lot of traffic, it adds up over time...).

The corporate greed season is nigh upon us, and the looming approach of Black Friday and Cyber Monday signals the optimal time to support my blog in this manner, and by extrapolation, all of my artistic endeavors.

It could not be simpler.

For the next few weeks, my blog posts will include a thumbnail like the one in the upper right there that says CLICK HERE.

All you do is click on the image every time you visit this blog to read one of my posts. That’s it. There’s no cost to you except for the few micrograms of ATP burned by your finger muscles to move the mouse over the thumbnail and click. You might have to close a browser window that opens up (OK, two mouse clicks!).

Even Wisconsin Public Radio uses this clever strategy, so it’s totally legit.

No obligation, but if you happen to think of me before you go online to shop over the next few weeks, stop by this blog and click the image.

Amazon will do the rest. And again, there is no cost to you.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.


*Note: Actually, I am not starving at all. I have a day job to underwrite the necessities of life. But if I can suckle a little milk off the teet of Corporate America and channel it into good things like my art, it only makes the world a better and happier place. Everyone wins. So click the pic and make the world a happier and better place a penny at a time.

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