Killing Two Birds

I walked the 1.5 miles to work today. Notwithstanding a temperature in the 50s, I still broke a bit of a sweat pounding out 16 minute miles ("brisk walk" is the designation I use in my fitness app, Map My Ride). It took about 25 minutes. A lot of people have longer commutes than that driving cars to work.

If weather permits, I'll achieve three miles of walking today when I commute home on foot. Yesterday, I did the same, plus six miles on my bike. All that physicality paid off, as I was a pound lighter on the scale in Deborah's bathroom this morning (the battery is dead in my scale). I ate quite healthy yesterday as well.

It is a perk to be able to combine my commute to work with my workout. Power walking the 5k round trip to work fully achieves my daily fitness goals. When I bike to work, I don't hit the goal, unless I add some miles along the way, but at least it is better than no physical activity at all.

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