One More Saturday Night

I need to be working on the novel, and I am going to start momentarily, but I needed to do a few minutes of writing muscle flexing first. This is a free write. Deborah has a bit of a stomach upset and we are not going out tonight, as originally planned. This is kind of a relief because although I wanted to go out and support local music tonight, I also have a strong hankering to write portions of said novel. It's a sci fi novel that involves parallel universes. I am trying to get a crude rough draft outlined in November, because it is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I got a haircut today. Remember this is a free write, whatever comes out comes out. I am not doing No Shave November, because I am doing NaNoWriMo instead. My beard was getting too long anyway. So I had it shaved off today. Well, truth be told, I had it shaved mostly off. The Barbershop, where I got my hair cut, does not do straight razor shaves. It has to do with barbering licensure in Wisconsin. Anyway, they used the shears on it and took it down to the stubble. Deborah says she likes the stubble. The rest of my head got a quarter inch buzz cut. I drove some Uber this morning. It wasn't a very busy weekend, thus not too profitable, but I made a little pocket change. OK, I am going to go write novel stuff for an hour now. I probably won't post this free write, because it is lame. But maybe I will. Bye.

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