Pleasing to Mine Eye

The weekend was nice.

It was one of those rare ones where I didn't have any concrete responsibilities or demands on my time, but could rather design my own reality, within the boundaries of the Laws of Physics.

I decided to chillax on Friday night. I want to say Deborah and I went out to eat, maybe? Then we watched TV and caught up on some shows.

I had planned to get up earlier than I did on Saturday so I could clean out my car before driving a bit for Uber. But eff it...my weekend, my rules. I had a leisurely breakfast and cleaned my car after Deborah left to go workout. I put in about three hours Ubering.

Deborah baked a boneless turkey and called me about 1 PM to tell me it was about ready, so I signed off the Uber app and went home to eat. It was delicious and more importantly boneless. I totally endorse these boneless turkey roasts for Thanksgiving. They are smaller than a whole turkey, but eff it...buy like 10 of them if you are having a bunch of people over. These things are probably horrible for the environment, but global warming is a foregone conclusion and this is America, the Land of Convenience and Insta-Gratis.

After grubbing on the turkey, we went to Penzey's spice shoppe and bought a pantload of spices, much of it various incarnations of curry powder, followed by a grocery run at Copps.

I spent the rest of the afternoon rehearsing songs for a cover band audition I have coming up this Wednesday.

Saturday night, I went to the Harmony Bar to see my ex country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS, play a show. My friend Sherry met me there. Deborah could not be persuaded to come. She hates country music and as best I can tell, it sounds to her a bit like someone scratching nails down a chalk board. However, I thought they sounded good. I captured some video, so you can probably judge for yourself.

DWTD was opening for another country rock outfit called WRENCLAW. I stayed for a bit of WRENCLAW, then went home.

I Ubered Sunday morning for a little while. The Madison Half Marathon kept me busy. I headed home about noon so that Deborah and I could go to a movie matinee of "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse." It was campy and cliche, and generally a good time. My only disappointment was when one of the heroes chose the preppy chick at the end, instead of the rockin' badass stripper (sorry...cocktail waitress) who had earlier saved their asses. The stripper chick was a much more central and interesting character, an empowered woman, if you will, and you will. The preppy chick was barely in the film and seemed really high maintenance. But kudos to the writer and/or director of the film for taking that in a different direction. Anyway, lots of gory fun.

After the movie, I rehearsed some more songs in anticipation of the Sunday night jam at Funks Pub, most notably "Moonage Daydream" by David Bowie, then I headed over to Funks to finish out the night jamming there. Deborah opted to stay home and watch the jam via live stream. I have uploaded said stream to Youtube and you can watch it below (my favorite part starts at 13:45).


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