Post Halloween Monday

I am remarkably resistant to the pile of candy and assorted sweets in the break room at work today, the Monday following this past Halloween weekend, when all my coworkers unburden themselves of their residual trick or treat candy.

The candy companies are laughing all the way to the bank and dentists are looking forward to an uptick in revenue over the next few months.

I have to unload a considerable cache of Halloween candy on my coworkers myself. We only got one trick-or-treater on Saturday...pathetic, and no match for the four bags of Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, and Snickers I had optimistically purchased.

Since I walked to work today, it would have been cumbersome to haul my sugary residuals into the office. But that's a cop out. Mostly I just forgot, since I had to conceal our candy at home from Deborah's sweet tooth (hidden in plain sight). Had I remembered, I could have put it in a plastic grocery bag and carried it in my backpack as I walked the 1.7 miles one way to work.

I am pretty resistant to refined sugar these days and have been for a while, due to good dietary practices. When I eat even a small amount of sweets, I feel yucky, due to the insulin spike and subsequent sugar crash. I won't deny I had a couple of the candy bars this weekend, but the yucky feeling deterred me from excessive consumption (operant conditioning).

I feel a little bad pawning off our excess candy on my coworkers. If they eat it, I will be guilty of contributing to their reduced life expectancy. Refined sugar is a slow acting metabolic poison. But I guess it is already worse that I contributed to the lifespan reduction of that solitary neighbor kid who trick-or-treated us.

Eating candy is a choice though. I choose not to eat it very often, or even be tempted by it, which is why I get rid of it at work as quickly as I can. I cannot control the choices made by other people.

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