I made a little scratch driving for Uber this weekend. It's kind of fun. There is no shortage of demand for Uber rides in Madison. This morning there was a half marathon downtown, with lots of people coming and going, needing rides. Yesterday was busy in the morning, then it petered out.

I made more driving 4.5 hours for Uber this weekend than I would make playing a music show of approximately the same duration, and without the hassle of hauling and setting up music gear. I'd still rather play music for money, but Ubering is a decent substitute when musicking is not to be had. Pleasant people for the most part. I tend to avoid driving Uber when unpleasant people are involved. You can make more money driving drunks here and there on Friday and Saturday nights, but the monetary benefit does not outweigh the human cost. Daytime people are nice to transport.

Conversely, maybe it is unethical for me to avoid Ubering drunkards. My rationale is that other Uber drivers will field the drunkards and deal with potential vomitus on their upholstery. But what if a drunkard gets behind the wheel because an Uber was unavailable? While I am not directly responsible for that, could it have been avoided if I had been Ubering?

I believe I am justified though. If I am driving late at night, I am endangering myself and my riders, because this is Wisconsin and a lot of people here drive drunk at night. I am in harms way and so are my riders. Plus, I have poor night vision. No sir, I believe Friday and Saturday night driving are not for me. I'll take the slightly lower income in exchange for driving more drama free people during daylight hours.

That said, if I ever needed some quick cash, the weekend drunkards are a goldmine to tap at will. Mwahaha. Diabolical laughter.

Anyway, I made some discretionary funds (scratch) this weekend just driving my car around. I wilst most likely spend this scratch on my beautiful girlfriend, Deborah, by way of date night.

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