Slack Friday @ Bos Meadery

I am calling today Slack Friday, rather than Black Friday.

I am not participating in the Black Friday commercialism at all.

There is no % savings on material goods that would convince me to interact with the brutality of humanity at large today.

However, something that can compel me to socialize is MUSIC.

That's why in a couple of hours, you'll find me in repose at the Bos Meadery in Madison WI, hopefully participating in the open mic they are holding from 2 to 5 PM today as a refuge for slackers like me from Black Friday.

As a freelancer making hourly, albeit fairly decent, wages, I went to the job that underwrites my life this morning. Since hardly anyone is here and my brain is both foggy from yesterday's feasting and still in holiday mode, there is very little to be accomplished. I'll head home in about 15 minutes to eat and gather up my guitar to go bust out a few tunes and sling back a tankard or two (but no more) of mead.

Take 'er easy!


Big Daddy Matty said...

Think I'll stop down!

Joseph Leonard said...

Nice. C u there.

Joseph Leonard said...

Nice. C u there.