Sunday Workday

In about a half an hour, I need to go to work. The office is just a flight of stairs away from where I am currently in repose at the dining room table, after a high protein rock fuel breakfast.

Today's tasks include learning a couple of new songs for the Funks Pub open jam tonight. Guitarist Phil wants our impromptu band, MG's HENCHMEN (MG refers to drummer Michael, whose middle name is Gordon), to be the backing band for one of his muses (read naive floozies within whose pants he would like to get by way of appealing to their vanity). I am happy to play wingman by way of my bass playing talents, especially since this doesn't involve learning any vocals.

Once that task is achieved, the rest of my work day will consist of writing portions of one or both of my in progress books and perhaps running a few solo acoustic guitar and vocal songs for my Cactus Joe repertoire, before heading over to Funks Pub about 7:30 PM for said jamnasium, which will go until about 11 PM, rounding out an approximately 12 hour work day, by the time I pack up my gear and drive home from the jam.

I may take a break about 3 pm for some exercise, by way of a group social hike taking place not far from my workplace (aka Deborah's house). However, that will be dependent on achieving my rock-n-roll goals before then. Even so, I may back out of the hike in favor of creative endeavors.

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