The Audish and a Lifestyle Biff

I had a good audition last night, for a bass player role in a harder rock cover band called Amped 11. I prepped decently well and went into it confident, though not sure what to expect.

Like I said in a prior post, I was looking for a HELL YEAH, and I was not disappointed. The musicians were all top notch and fun, and we gelled on the rocking. They all seemed to dig my playing. There are enough vocalists in the group to be very versatile on song selections and allow for redundancy, if someone were to be sick let's say. Two of them are lead singers. If I joined them, I could field a few songs probably too.

That said, I have no idea if they'll pick me over the other bass players they are trying out, though the odds are pretty good, since I am one of the best around, both musically and reliability-wise. An audition is only able to prove the former, though I was punctual and had clearly learned all the material, even the accursed song "Photograph" by Def Leppard.

I dropped the ball a bit yesterday on maintaining high lifestyle standards. Everyone makes mistakes now and then and that's OK as long as you recognize the biff(s) and redouble your efforts. In truth, a good lifestyle should not be an effort, it should be part of the natural flow of your life.

In summary, I ate too much food yesterday, including candy at work and a ton of cheese. Plus, I had a beer that was offered to me at the band audition (albeit a Natural Lite, which is really just soda water lightly scented with beer).

There is room in a healthy lifestyle for beer and wine. Studies show there are health benefits from a drink (for women) or two (for men) per day, although I am pretty sure these studies are conducted by male scientists who drink. Therefore, the Natural Lite tall boy at the audition fell well within lifestyle parameters.

The candy and cheese were my undoing yesterday. Plus, for expediency, my dinner was exacted from the salad bar at the Copps grocery store near home. Plus, I ate again after I got home from the audition, late at night, before bed, a conventional no-no.

On the other hand, I power walked a full 4.5+ miles yesterday, burning extra calories, and skipped breakfast. There are two schools of thought on the importance of breakfast. I go to the school that says if you aren't hungry in the morning, don't force yourself to eat. The rival school, attended by my super smart and nutritionally savvy girlfriend, says it is never good to skip breakfast. Some malarkey about putting your body in starvation mode which hinders calorie burning. My school clobbers the other school, especially in Dodgeball.

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