The Month of Pain

The Month of Pain is nigh. That is the month bounded by Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and characterized by excessive commercialism and fiscal pain. I do not like this month, though I do like the holidays, especially when I can visit friends and family. That is what it should really be about, not presents and spending. The latter is just a proxy for the real human interaction.

I'd like to see the human element come back to the holidays. Maybe I'm too cynical, but the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is depressing. I try not to subscribe.

This Black Friday, I will be doing a Slack Friday instead. There is an open mic at the Bos Meadery in Madison, where I sometimes perform music, from 2-5 PM on Friday afternoon. I wilst most probably repose myself there for some tunes and a couple tankards of mead to escape the commercialism. Although, technically buying a tankard of mead would be in violation of the commercialism boycott, but at least it is supporting a local business.

The point being, I won't be doing any holiday shopping. Just chillin'.

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