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Tonight (Wednesday) I am auditioning on bass for a cover band. I hope it is a good one. I honestly have no idea. I won’t waste my time on a mediocre one though, that's for sure. It’s either HELL YEAH or NO. The songs they want to cover are decent (with the exception of "Photograph" by Def Leppard, which is God awful!), and somewhat esoteric in my opinion, which is good. But my opinion may be quite wrong, because I don’t listen to a lot of commercial radio, so these songs could be a lot more well known than I think.

Thursday night, Deborah and I are doing date night at an establishment TBD.

The weekend coming up will be devoted to working on my novel, since this is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have a strong concept. I am going to go work on it a little bit right now.

In other writing news, I submitted my 2nd (of 4) flash fiction writing assignments to the instructor of the online class I am taking on this subject via UW Continuing Studies. Here is my first draft, if you care to critique.

Nothing to Hide
by Joe Leonard
Flash Fiction

Vicky brought her new fling to the wedding. She didn’t call him a fling. She said he was The One, her third The One in as many months.

At the reception, we sat with Vicky and The One, named Rob. I had been telling them about my bike trip around Austria.

“Europe really has their shit together,” I said. “Great transportation, one currency, no border hassles. I could totally live there.”

I jocularly added, “Unless the NSA is listening. Then I am only kidding! I love America!”

“I don’t have a problem with government surveillance,” Rob suddenly blurted. “If you're a law abiding citizen and have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t care if the government snoops on you.”

The rest of us looked at each other uneasily in the awkward silence that followed. Where did that come from? I wondered. Uh oh...Vicky didn’t tell him about The Rule. No politics or religion in social settings.

“Who needs a drink?” I asked, hitting the conversational eject button. “I'm heading up.”

“I’ll join you,” Rob said. Great, I thought.

As we stood in the bar line, Rob took out his phone and started browsing.

“Can I see your phone?” I asked.

“Um...ok.” Rob locked the screen and held it out.

“Oh...can you unlock it?”

“Do you need to make a call or something?”

“Oh no,” I replied. “I just wanted to look at your photos, maybe read some of your emails.”

“Are you serious?” Rob asked. “No, I'm not comfortable with that.”

“Oh, sorry,” I said. “I just thought…well, you know…you didn’t have anything to hide.”

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