Unnamed Band Practice #3

Tonight I have what is essentially a third rehearsal with a band comprising me, guitarist buddy Phil, and the remnants of the band formerly known as 5 Minute Rule.

After three meetings, we have developed enough of a musical repertoire for a full set (15 songs). We actually have about 17 or 18 songs, but I suspect we might drop a couple, principally "Woman" by Wolfmother and "Tribute" by Tenacious D. I like these songs, but I am not "feeling" the latter one when we practice it. The former is played in a key that strains Phil's voice and I think we should can it, unless they want to traspose it down a 4th and then I can sing it.

Anyway, things are moving along with this group and I hope they maintain good momentum. I have vowed there will be no more handholding of bands. They either hold their own, or they don't.

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