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In a couple of days, Americans will celebrate the time long ago when our ancestors arrived as immigrants from overseas and committed horrible acts of terrorism on the native people living here.

It's called Thanksgiving and we engage in those festivities without too much thought about it. We get the Sunday school blather that the Native Americans gave the pilgrims maize so they would survive the harsh winter. They leave out the part where the pioneers gave the Native Americans blankets infected with small pox, to wipe them out, essentially.

Thanksgiving for me is a time to celebrate that there is only one more month left of the hellish holiday season and then we can settle in for the deep freeze (in Wisconsin) of January and February. Too cynical? Probably...

Here's some optimism...I am very thankful that I will be escaping the cold weather during the first two weeks of February by going on a Caribbean cruise, followed by a week in Florida. With my luck, ISIL will probably do something sh!tty and foul up air travel right when we have to leave for our trip, but probably not (statistically). It's too bad there is so much overblown hype and fear about Islamic terrorism. I don't know who is fanning these flames, but probably the fear mongers in government and corporate media. I researched the subject a bit and it turns out more Americans have been killed by domestic terrorists than foreign ones and you are still statistically more likely to die from almost anything else than from a terrorist attack. In fact, if you are black in America, you are over 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

I don't pull these numbers out of my arse. Google that sh!t. (Sorry, I am not going to do your homework for you, but you can start here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-terrorism-statistics-every-american-needs-to-hear/5382818.)

"Toxoplasmosis is a brain-parasite. The CDC reports that more than 375 Americans die annually due to toxoplasmosis. In addition, 3 Americans died in 2011 after being exposed to a brain-eating amoeba. So you’re about 22 times more likely to die from a brain-eating zombie parasite than a terrorist." (SOURCE)

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