4 Dimensional Space Time, Waves and Strings, and Finding Harmony

The Cosmos is made up of four observable dimensions, three spatial and one temporal. But there is some physics that says there may be more dimensions, principally String Theory. A lot of physicists don’t like String Theory because it’s hard to study (relying on invisible dimensions that can’t be measured and all). The strongest theories in science are those that are testable and some say String Theory is a bad theory because you can’t test for other dimensions with our current technology. However, that alone does not make it a bad theory. You just need to be able to test for SOMETHING that you would predict to observe if the theory were true.

For example, I cannot directly observe the invisible force that is gravity. But I can still theorize that masses in space attract each other by some force and I can test that theory by standing on the ground and dropping a stone. Pretty much every time the stone is going to fall straight down toward the center of gravity of the Earth. In fact, I’ve never known a stone to do otherwise without some stronger force working upon it (like say, a strong gust of wind or a magnetic field, if the stone is ferrous in nature). On the other hand, astrophysicists are using giant telescopes to look for the presence of actual gravity waves in outer space that are predicted to be there by the Big Bang Theory (also a hard to test theory, since we can’t see all the way back in time to the Big Bang, yet it is still a widely accepted theory). They haven’t found any yet, but they still think the Law of Gravity is a real and good thing.

Assuming, as String Theory does, that there are other dimensions in the universe that exist as quantum strings that vibrate at different frequencies, then there must also be harmonics in the Cosmos that occur as several strings interact, similar to when several vibrating strings on a guitar create a chord with several harmonics of sound. You can have dissonant harmonies or consonant ones on a guitar and this is likely for Cosmic strings as well. Since you exist within the Cosmos, these quantum strings are vibrating all around you. Even though the physical limitations of four dimensional space prevent you from observing them directly, you can observe them indirectly. Sometimes in your day to day life you are going to find yourself in a consonant region of local space time where everything just harmonizes and comes together beautifully, like when you have a good day ("good vibrations"). Other times, you’ll be in a dissonant region of space time and things will get all effed up, like when you are overloaded at work. That could all be a consequence of higher dimension strings vibrating with each other, creating consonance or dissonance, depending on the frequencies of the vibrations. In quantum physics, we know that observing quantum phenomena often influences the outcome (e.g., Schroedinger’s cat or photon slit experiments) so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that your observations of and interactions with the Cosmos may be affecting the frequencies of unseen higher dimension strings. In essence, you are creating harmonies in the Cosmos by your own thoughts and actions. So hypothetically (not theoretically), you may be able to actually create your own reality to some extent. There are Buddhists who would totally concur.

If this is so, the trick is obviously to try to create consonant regions of space time around you and avoid dissonant regions of space time, for the best possible reality. It’s not as hard as it sounds and it is not a random thing either, unless you are the kind of person who just goes with the flow in life (path of least resistance). According to my totally speculative hypothesis, finding good harmonies in life has to do with choices we make and the people we associate with (who are generating their own realities/harmonies too). Have you ever met a really negative person? That person’s strings are probably vibrating dissonantly with yours. It’s possible the other person thrives on negativity or drama, and so for them this seems like a pleasantly harmonious Cosmos, even though their strings may be sucking the energy out of yours and dampening your pleasant harmonies. They are stealing your harmonies (aka, harshing your gig) and thus you perceive negativity when they are near, a proxy for dissonance in the higher string dimensions you can’t see physically, only by way of the consequences on your four dimensional space time. Sometimes another person’s region of space time just isn’t in harmony with yours (you want to go to a show and they want to stay home and play cards). You work it out, fine tune a few strings and reach some kind of harmonious agreement. You RESOLVE it, much like a dissonant chord in music resolves to a more consonant one and it makes you feel relief and closure.

If you are a risk taker, you may find yourself stumbling into dissonant space time from time to time (on purpose). This may not be a bad things for risk takers. For them it is the resolution of dissonance to consonance that creates the harmony for them. That’s part of why they do it. Take for example an extreme surfer. She might look for the most chaotic (dissonant) waters and then try to find the consonant regions within the chaos (the perfect harmonious wave). Sometimes she effs up and get scraped across the coral reef in a mass of foam and sand and coughing up salt water.

In conclusion, the Beach Boys probably had it right all along.

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