Always With the Bands

I want to give it to all my musical colleagues straight. In 2016, I am adhering to Derek Sivers' "No YES; it's only HELL YEAH or NO" philosophy strictly. It works great. I am only signing onto projects that make me want to say HELL YEAH. Otherwise my answer is no. Be thrilled and honored if I sign on to your project because it means I feel HELL YEAH about it. Don't be angry or frutrated if I don't sign on. Honestly, do you really want someone on your project who isn't HELL YEAH about it? It's win-win.

But that said, if you want my involvement in your music related project, make me say HELL YEAH about it. That simple.

Here are some, but not all, of the projects I am HELL YEAH about in 2016.

Rhythm guitar and backing vocals in original punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE.

Bass and vocals in original hard rock band GUPPY EFFECT.

Bass and vocals in hard rock cover band SCHOOLNIGHT BENDER (planned).

Solo acoustic guitar and vocals as singer/songwriter CACTUS JOE.

Sunday night open jam stage at Funks Pub (Fitchburg WI) - performing and running live stream.

My sci fi novel.

My non-fiction lifestyle coaching book.

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