Ben Folds and Guppy Effect Share a Stage

Let me say right away that the title is a bit misleading. Guppy Effect made a rare appearance at the Funks Pub open jam tonight, since our new drummer Verge is a regular at it and Stefan had a free Sunday night. We had Verge trained decently on about 5 songs, so we rocked them. Earlier this week, I had been talking to the regularly attending keyboardist at the jam, Chris, about doing some kind of Ben Folds tribute. This was before I knew if Guppy Effect was available to perform. Chris was totally down so we picked 3 Ben Folds songs to debut at the jam tonight. Guppy Effect performed second at the jam and the Ben Folds tribute mini set was right after that. So Guppy Effect (the band) did share the stage with Ben Folds (the songs). But it's a stretch.

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