Brains Don't Help Most People

Most people have a brain in their head, literally.

I mean, there was that one guy who had like almost NO brain (SOURCE).

But most peoples’ skulls are packed pretty full with brain matter.

That’s why it is so astounding how little use brains are to some people.

Don’t get me wrong, brains do a lot of good things behind the scenes, like making you breath without having to think about it and letting you know when you are hungry and regulating your hormones and body temperature, that sort of thing. Brains do tons of good things.

But thinking is something brains don’t do very well. We think they do it well, but they really don’t, which is kind of the perfect transcendent example of failed thinking.

Take for example fear of flying. Some people irrationally think they will die in a plane crash when they fly. That’s totally unhelpful thinking. In fact, it can do some harm, if you avoid traveling to cool places because you don’t want to go on a plane.

Statistically, your own house is a death trap compared with the inside of a flying plane. If you fear flying, you should be pants-sh!tting petrified of your own house, because you are like 4 times more likely to die there than on a plane (SOURCE).

One of the reasons brains fail to think helpfully so often is because we are wired to respond more potently to emotions than to information. This is easily observed every day in American politics. Politicians like Donald Trump can say the most fear and hate based inflammatory things and people will eat it up even if it is verifiably false, as 75% of Trump statements are (SOURCE). When planes crash, it is terrifying, but highly unusual. The emotion of terror is what short circuits your thinking brain and makes it useless for rational thought. That’s what terrorism is designed to do, make your brain go totally spastic and lose all ability to function rationally. Did you know that you are more likely to die from a brain eating amoeba than from terrorism (SOURCE)?

No, of course you didn’t, because your brain sucks.

Emotions overwhelm rational thinking most of the time. It takes some serious effort to get useful help from your brain.

In conclusion, brains are not very helpful.

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