In Less Than a Week It Will All Be Over

Christmas Day is Friday. That means this is Christmas week, the home stretch to the holiday season finish line.

I am looking forward to putting the holidays behind me. The whole month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a weird time for me, as an atheist introvert who doesn’t much care for organized Christianity nor large numbers of people. The holidays are not friendly to people like me.

Technically, the holidays end after New Year’s Eve, but the real heinousness ends after Christmas, when you no longer have to worry about buying last minute presents or dealing with traffic congestion and crowds of people (other people buying last minute presents). The period between Christmas and New Years is actually a good time to decompress from the stress of the Christmas season.

Anyway, I hope the week goes fast. Tonight, Deborah and I will probably go out for date night. I’m taking the dogs to the vet tomorrow morning so Foster can get his nails trimmed and Maddie can get her ears checked for a possible infection (she also needs more heart worm medicine). Deborah is hiring maids to clean the house tomorrow, so it should be looking nice if/when people descend on our house for any Christmas festivities (we are strongly encouraging everyone to go out somewhere for Christmas celebrations instead, so we can avoid being saddled with massive and costly food prep like we were at Thanksgiving).

Christmas Eve night, Deborah and I may escape from the world by going to see the Star Wars movie. I don’t have much going on over the long weekend except for a GUPPY EFFECT band practice on Sunday. So I will probably rehearse songs and do some book writing in the sequestered seclusion of my music room.

Right now I am going to go pick some songs for the band to work on at the next GUPPY EFFECT practice. Ciao!

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