Life Hacks and Pro Tips (Volume 1, I Guess...)

I am sure many of you already practice this life hack and I am often amazed how many times I fail to do it, even knowing that it works consistently most of the time.

To wit, when you go to a large box or grocery store, ALWAYS PARK NEAR THE DOOR WHERE YOU WILL COME OUT OF THE STORE.

It would seem like common sense, but go to any big store and you will find most people park near the entrance. It’s almost instinctual, especially in crappy weather, to park as close as you can to the entrance, not the exit. It’s a type of instant gratification, but ignores longer term consequences.

Think about it…you eventually will exit the store, possibly through a different door and probably carrying a shite ton of groceries or assorted products.

That’s when you want your car to be close by, not a football field’s distance across the massive parking lot. Am I right?

Most of the time, it’s not a big deal. You enter and exit the store via the same doors. Then it doesn’t matter where you park.

But when you go to those gigantic big box home improvement centers that have a separate entrance and exit separated by a goodly distance, this pro tip is a goldmine.

When you park near the exit, in addition to being closer to your car when you come out of the store with a pantload of stuff, there is another perk as well.

Like I said, most people make the mistake of parking near the entrance, so it is harder for you to find a good parking spot there. But if you park near the exit, you can usually get rock star parking and be even closer to your car when you come out of the giant store too.

I tried this at Home Depot and Menards today as I was cruising around looking for a replacement furnace filter. Neither place had what I needed, but it was nice to be able to get back to my car fast and jet out of the parking lot without having to wait for a half million people to back out of their spots at a snail’s pace. I probably should have gone to the much smaller Ace hardware store, where I eventually found the elusive filter, to begin with, but I really thought the megastores would have simple crap like this in stock. Khaks.

Virtual high five to Ace hardware for coming through for me today.

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