Now It Has To Be Good

I actually have to write something fairly compelling now, and henceforth as well. I seem to have inadvertently, or advertently, activated my Twitter account to auto post to my Facebook wall, so now all my blog posts will appear on Facebook, unless I can turn it off. In the meanwhile, I have to make any posts here top notch before I publish, since everyone on the entire planet is now likely to see it. And by the entire planet, I mean my small sphere of social media contacts. Very small indeed. I think my blocked list on Facebook is now longer than my friends list. Hey, my social media...my rules?

Are still reading? What the heck is wrong with you? Stop this instant!

If you defied me and are reading this sentence, all I can say is anything that follows is on you.

Let me start by telling you what I am not going to write about here: politics, religion, or sports. First off, discourse on these topics is almost across the board a waste of time. When it comes to these subjects, there are basically three kinds of people in the world.

1. People who don't give a sh!t. At the first sign of these topics, whole regions of their brains literally shut down, manifested by the appearance of blank stares of complete and utter boredom or confusion. I fully admit being in this class of people on the subject of sports.

2. People who care but disagree with you. Nothing but angst down that path, dear reader. Total mine field. Just don't go there.

3. People who care and agree with you. Nothing new to talk about here. You will never get any closer to understanding the devotion #2 people feel for Donald Trump or Jesus. Best to just enjoy the pleasant company of sane people over a couple beers and talk about music or cool places you've visited or science.

That said, there a wide variety of topics to talk about. At random, I will choose Caribbean cruises as a topic to briefly write about here.

I have never been on one, but at the behest of my girlfriend Deborah, I am going on one in early February. She speaks highly of cruises. I like boat rides, and free food, and tropical paradises as much as the next guy, especially if I can escape the dead of winter in Wisconsin while enjoying those things.

The closest I have ever been to an actual cruise was vicariously experiencing one via a hilarious creative non-fiction story about one in Harper's magazine years ago.

I am not a huge fan of people or luxuries, both of which, I understand, are in great supply on cruise ships. However, I am reassured there are plenty of options for escaping such excesses.

I am sure I'll be travelogging my cruise journey via this blog, though perhaps not in real time because of exorbitant wifi fees on cruise ships. Feel free to follow along when I do.

That's probably enough rambling for now. If you suffered through all that and are still reading...I accomplished my only real goal. I win.


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