The Morning Joe

Good morning, readers. I ponder as I sit at the dining room table post coffee and a bowl of Cheerios with blueberries and banana just what exactly is happening in this wacky world. Before I moved in with my GF, I was living without mainstream media to a large extent. It was partly my desire to not pay money to the monopolistic charlatans at the cable company, but largely a willful media fast, that kept mainstream media largely marginalized and disenfranchised from my life. I got my news and information from online sources by choice and occasionally NPR (less infotainment and more rational and objective, with minimal opinionated editorializing). Now mainstream media is trying to assert itself back into my life...and it's terrifying. Deborah has Direct TV with what seems like 8 million channels of drivel. Some of that drivel is corporate mainstream network news. Having freed my mind from those poisonous social cues (aka memes or sound bites) over the past few years, I became very aware of how toxic it really is. It's like when you eat a healthy diet and one day you eat some junky fast food and feel nauseated.

I am able to turn off mainstream media when exposed to it though, just as I am able to avoid free donuts at work. Mainstream media is poisonous junk.

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vergedrums said...

Yep. I haven't owned a television since 1993. Possibly the best thing I've ever done for myself. I have never missed it for a second.