What's On the Agenda This Weekend?

I think I might be running a video live stream of the Ghosts of Maxmas Past show at the Frequency in Madison WI on Saturday night. I was asked to do so by someone a few days ago, but there was not much in the way of followup. So, I’ll probably load the live stream gear in the car and head down there to see what’s up. I’ll need a wifi connection and a safe location to set up the gear, in addition to free admission to the show (as a courtesy for the pro bono work).

On Saturday, I am probably going car shopping with my GF Deborah and her son in the early afternoon, and I’ll probably spend the evening rehearsing songs for both GUPPY EFFECT practice and the Funks Pub open jam on Sunday afternoon and evening, respectively. I’ll likely rehearse Sunday morning as well. The keyboardist at the jam, Chris, wants to try to play some Ben Folds tunes Sunday night, two of which I need to refresh and one of which I need to full on learn. Chris and I conceived an idea to maybe form a Ben Folds tribute band, which would be superb. There is also talk of some of the jammers pulling “Journey to the Center of the Mind” by Amboy Dukes out of our butts. That’s a fun but tricky song, with thick vocal harmonies that need to be tight. The Funks jam organizer, Tyler, also wants me to start learning a tough song for the jam, although that might get a hearing at a later date, not this weekend.

So this weekend should be fairly laid back, with the exception of the Frequency show, which will probably stress me out. It’s nice that I don’t have to run the live stream and also perform at the show. I am not a good multitasker (Asbergers). But I think I can rawk the live stream, if the aforementioned minimum requirements are met.

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