Award for Longest Distance Traveled and Akbar

My good buddy Nick and his fiancee are driving all the way from central Iowa for my rock-n-roll birthday party this Friday night. Nick's at home in Iowa with family for the holidays by way of LA, where he's an aspiring and quite talented filmmaker. We used to play in a band together in college in the 90s and he once used one of my songs in a documentary film. Naturally, he'll probably jump up and guest rock on a song or two at the party.

In any case, I think they win the award for longest distance traveled to come to this show, as far as I know. I'm honored.

Nick's also a member of my RAGBRAI bike team, Team Crazy Bird, as is my friend Sherry from Madison who will also be at the show. So they can shoot the sh!t a little bit and we can all reminisce about our biking adventures in Iowa.

I guess I'll be mandated to play "Akbar," one of our RAGBRAI anthems.

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