Ziggy Stardust and Sunday Night Reflections

It's 8:06 PM on a Sunday nights, so per usual, I'm at Funks Pub live streaming and performing at the open stage (aka "jam," though that is somewhat of a misnomer). It's a good way to close out the weekend...rockin' a little.

It's bitterly cold outside, though I can't say as I care. Because I am inside Funks Pub, where it's quite warm. El Nino has made people soft this year and everyone's freakin' out about -15 F windchills. Apparently they've forgotten the brutal polar vortex two years ago that kept Wisconsin in a deep freeze for months. This cold spell is really a first for this El Nino winter, which has mostly kept temps above freezing. This cold wave is closer to the norm for Wisco and it's fleeting. Temps rise back into the 30s F this week. It almost makes my fortnight of vacation in the tropics in February anti-climactic.

David Bowie died last week (if you were in a cave and didn't hear the news). So the open jam stage tonight is likely to feature some Bowie hits. In theory, I'll be guest vocalizing on a rendition of "Ziggy Stardust." There is likely to be some "Moonage Daydream" as well.

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