There was a belly flop contest by the ship's pool this afternoon. Deborah and I had seen this posted in the daily happenings newsletter that housekeeping provides each stateroom and it was something we talked about spectating on. Fortuitous then that we were sunbathing by the pool when the event transpired. There were several contestants, all of them sporting substantial girth. The audience voted by show of fingers, zero a low score and five the highest. The crew member MC-ing said five fingers was reserved for only the most fantastic of belly flops, high in both volume of belly smacking and volume of water displaced. It was a nice break in the monotony of sun, sea, and serenity.

After the contest ended, we retired to the Windjammer restaurant to load our bellies with lunch, and we ate too much as usual, though I mainly stuck to salad and protein. There we determined that we had exposed ourselves to excessive sun, as evidenced by our rosy skin.

In anticipation of hanging out in Belize tomorrow, we sought out some bug spray, as a precaution against the zika virus, which is apparently going to microcephalize everyone in America in the years to come. Pinheads everywhere... We found some overpriced insect repellant in the duty free liquor store, of all places.

Deborah had jacked her kneecap on something this morning and it has been bothering her all day, so we decided to seek out an ice pack for her at the ship's infirmary after lunch, but it was closed.

"I guess we just have to make our own ice pack the ol' fashioned way," I said.

"What way is that?" Deborah asked.

"We fill a baggy with some ice from the restaurant," I replied.

There is a tentative plan to do that, but right now we are resting in our stateroom after a busy day of chillaxin'. Actually, we worked out this morning before breakfast. I did a full 60 minutes on a recumbent exercise bike while Deborah took some free stretching and abs classes with the onboard trainer. I also walked a little over a mile on the ship's outdoor track, which circumnavigates deck 10. I burned some calories, but I am pretty sure I replaced them all during breakfast and lunch. Plus there's still dinner to literally put the frosting on the belly fattening cake.

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