When you are on a boat in the middle of the sea, it's easier to understand how ancient people's might have thunk the Earth was a flat disc.

Conversely, a little bit of logic applied to it would raise some uncomfortable questions. If all the land on Earth sits atop this disc, then it should always be visible, even if just really small and far away.

These are things I ponder sitting on a deck chair by the saltwater pool on a cruise ship churning through Caribbean waters between Key West Florida and Belize.

Is this really the end result of my genes' 4.5 billion years of evolution - me boosting my vitamin D levels absorbing tropical UV rays on a floating metropolis of luxury? Well done, genes! Very well played.

We are at sea all day today. According to the giant LCD display above the ship's pool, we are passing the western tip of Cuba, though too far out to sea to see it. We should be docking in Belize City about 6 AM tomorrow, and about mid-morning, we'll sally forth from the boat and do some coral reef snorkeling and chillin' at a reef resort for a few hours.

But today is all about keeping ourselves occupied on the boat. I'm going to get a haircut in about 15 minutes. After that, probably more work on my tan, then lunch.

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