Fighting the Undead

I had some cool dreams last night that involved battling the undead. While this is in part due to watching the new season of Walking Dead on AMC, the dreams definitely had a strong sociopolitical bent, in that these particular zombies were minions of Donald Trump and I was an agent of Bernie Sanders sent to dispatch the mindless hordes.

However, I was under strict orders to find a cure for the plague and Bernie Sanders had firmly instructed us that we could not simply kill Trumpheads to get rid of them or build a wall to keep them away from the living. So my job involved going behind enemy lines to build treatment facilities (clinics) and re-integration stations (schools) where the undead could be cured and returned to civilized society. The cured ones were then hired by my team to further assist in building the infrastructure to cure more zombies. But Donald Trump had instructed his hordes to seek out and destroy the change agents of Bernie Sanders, leading to a lot of me being chased by zombies who were quite a bit more strategic, wily, and savage than Sanders gave them credit for...

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