Day of the Dude Costume Party and Live Music Jam (Sunday March 6th)

This Sunday is the official annual Day of the Dude, celebrating the fictional life and times (and philosophy) of one Jeffery Lebowski, aka "The Dude."

Sunday is also when Funks Pub hosts its weekly open jam stage (8-11 PM), led by a dude named Tyler, which I and several local musicians often attend. So it's the perfect opportunity for some Big Lebowski themed rocking and rolling. My band GUPPY EFFECT just happens to be making a rare showing at the jam this Sunday, so we have at least one appropos tune in the works. We play at 8 PM sharp, so it's not super late. I hope some people pop down for a caucasian (white Russian) or two. I'll buy one for anyone who shows up in a Walter Sobchak or Dude costume.


I'm actually an ordained Dudeist Priest, though not many people know this, nor would they particularly give a @#$% if they did. In theory, I can officiate weddings and funerals and things. In reality, I just like to take 'er easy, dude.


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