Demos and Stuff

My band GUPPY EFFECT spent the better part of today recording demos of some of our original songs. Our stated goal was modest...to record a solid, quality demo of our newest hit, "Roundhouse," and principally to get biff free drum tracks recorded, because they are the most cumbersome and technical to track, requiring multiple microphones and strenuous gear setup.

"If we have time left over, we can track another song or two," I told drummer Verge and guitarist Stefan, knowing from experience that recording always takes way longer than you think it will.

However, that being said, we are lucky to have a phenomenal drummer in one Verge Manyen. He is a monster and rarely biffs. Even though Stefan was delayed by some external factors and we started a little late, we captured about five good takes of "Roundhouse" in about 90 minutes and had tons of time left over to record additional songs. Three more in fact, for a total of four. We hit our goal and exceeded it to GUPPY EFFECT specifications. To wit: Thrice the rocking power of other name bands.

We still have to track guitar and vocals, and I want to redo some biffy bass parts, but we got the drums captured as planned.

Since Deborah had a nightmarish smart phone buying experience tonight and is exhausted, I will probably use her downtime to track some redo bass tonight. But first, I am going to eat some chicken.

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